Let there be light!

Auto Electrical System Repair JacksonvilleRPM Automotive is a qualified service provider for automotive electrical services. Keep your passengers and vehicle safe by having all safety lighting serviced by our team of specialists. Electrical service checks will include but are not limited to:

✓ Shorts
✓ Fuses
✓ Light bulbs
✓ Headlights
✓ Brake lights
✓ Turn signals
✓ Cabin lights
✓ Taillights

Electrical Tips: How will I know my car has an electrical issue?

A common indicator that you vehicle has electrical issues may be most present on your dashboard. Dim dashboard lighting and headlights are often the first noticeable signs, however warnings like idling, clicking when turning on the ignition or your car not starting means it is time to bring your vehicle into the shop for servicing.

Schedule an appointment or come by any of our Jacksonville locations, so our qualified mechanics may inspect your car for all electrical problems and provide solutions to keep your vehicle safe.