A Clean Filter is a Happy Car

Oil Changes JacksonvilleRPM Automotive utilizes the highest quality synthetic oils to provide oil changes at a competitive price, with top value.  In addition to your oil change you will receive our standard maintenance services including a quick inspection of air/oil filters, ensuring your oil change will have the maximum impact.

RPM’s stock can compete with the top oils and synthetic oils including:

✓ Super Tech
✓ Valvoline
✓ Quaker State
✓ Pennzoil
✓ Castrol
✓ Amsoil
✓ Mobil 1
✓ Havoline
✓ Motorcraft
✓ Chevron Supreme Motor Oils
✓ Kendall Motor Oil
✓ Royal Purple
✓ National Oil
✓ Redline Oil
✓ Green Earth Engine Oil
✓ Conoco Oil
✓ Exxon Motor Oil
✓ 3 in One Motor Oil
✓ Marathon Motor Oil
✓ Interstate Motor Oil
✓ Champion Motor Oil
✓ Eneos Synthetic Motor Oil
✓ Shell Motor Oil
✓ Lucas Synthetic Motor Oil

Oil Change Tips: How often should I have my oil changed?

Like other maintenance fluids, transmission oil should be changed frequently in order to maintain your vehicle. Older cars are typically recommended to have oil changes completed every 1000-3000 miles, while newer vehicles commonly follow the manufacturers recommendation. Our technicians suggest you keep a container or two of transmission oil ready, in the event you should need it. The shelf life of transmission oils are more or less three years. The best transmission oil to buy should include a simple oil formulation- known to have longer shelf lives.

For questions regarding oil changes, schedule an appointment or come by any of our nine locations and speak with one of our technicians that can give you recommendations on top synthetic oils (better for performance) available on our RPM Automotive shelves.