Staying Ahead of the Treads

Tire Replacement and Alignment JacksonvilleWorn down tires can lead to dangerous road situations. RPM Automotive is a qualified provider of tire, rim and wheel servicing. Our experienced team will ensure your car runs smoothly with rim/tire mounting, installation, pressure inflation, tire tread and balancing.

Tire Tips: What causes tires to wear down?

There are many factors that contribute to worn down tires. Over time your tire treads will wear down, but issues like improper alignment and low tire pressure will result in an uneven wear across the tread pattern. To avoid this have your tire pressure regularly checked and a rotation completed in order to evenly distribute the wear on each tire.

Don’t Let An Alignment Leave You Shaky

Having your vehicle alignment serviced or checked regularly will not only extend the life of your tires, but improve gas mileage and maintain a smooth ride. RPM technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment that will measure your wheel angles and adjust them as needed to provide a straight alignment, which will eliminate any shaking or wobbling that previously occurred.

Schedule an appointment or come by any of our nine locations, where our team can identify your tire, or alignment issue and recommend services such as tire alignment, wheel alignment, tire rotation or balancing.