Terms & Conditions

What is Covered and for How Long:

This warranty covers only those tire(s), for which this warranty: (1) has been purchased along with the tire. RPM Automotive’ s Road Hazard Limited Warranty, covers tire(s) that become unserviceable as a result of Road Hazards (i.e., cuts, snags, bruises, impact breaks or other un-repairable punctures).  

Tires damaged as a result of the following occurrences are not covered under this warranty: Wheel Misalignment, Cosmetically Damaged Tires, Tires run Over/Underinflated, necessary vehicle maintenance has not been performed, Vandalism and Accident/Collision. 

Tire Protection Policy, Road Hazard Limited Warranty program can not be purchased for the following type of tires:  Run Flats, Off-Road Tires, All Wheel Drive Vehicles, Trailer Tires, RV/Motorhome Tires.

Tires being replaced must be surrendered to an RPM Automotive facility in the Greater Jacksonville area.

What is Not Covered:

•   Not applicable to Fleet/Commercial Vehicles.

•   Tires removed from service due to being overloaded or intentional abuse.

•   Tires that can safely be fixed.

•   Road service, towing costs and other incidental damage.

•   Mounting, balancing and applicable state and federal (FET) taxes

•   TPMS Sensors and/or any components or devices associated with the TPMS System

How the Replacement Price to be Determined:

NORMAL ROAD HAZARDS (Road Hazard Limited Warranty): If a tire covered by this warranty becomes unserviceable due to a normal road hazard (example: cuts, snags, bruises, impact breaks or non-repairable punctures) during the useable tread life of a tire, (usable tread is the original tread depth minus 2/32nds of an inch, you will receive a credit for the amount of useable tread remaining on the damaged tire based upon your original tire purchase. This credit will be deducted from the cost of the replacement tire.

Road Hazard Warranty credits will be calculated as follows:

Each new tire begins with a tread depth measured in 32/nds. The amount you will pay for a new tire will be calculated based on the chart below: the price of the new tire multiplied by the percentage of wear equals the price of the new tire.

Example: Original Tread Depth 10/32, Remaining Tread 7/32 = 38%. Original Tire Price $69.99 x 38% = $26.60.

Free Flat repair for the life of the tire is included with the purchase of Road Hazard Policy. We will also rebalance the repaired tire at no charge.


RPM Automotive, LLC reserves the right to cancel this Tire Protection Policy, Road Hazard Limited Warranty program by refunding the original purchase price of the Road Hazard to the Purchaser any time.


This Tire Protection Policy, Road Hazard Limited Warranty program is only extended to you the original purchaser, and not to anyone who may purchase your vehicle or tires during the term of this Tire Protection Policy, Road Hazard Limited Warranty program.  Coverage is not transferable to any other vehicle or tires.